So what is “Flavour Tripping”?

Miracle Berries

There’s a Mysterious Fruit that tricks your brain into tasting sour flavours as something sweet. Basically, after eating it you will be sucking lemons like they are nectar of the gods!

It’s really hard to grow such a curiosity in most regions, but you can get this unusual snack in a lollie version which works fine too.

Being simply a lot of fun as an amusement in a friendly party it turns an average outing into the perfect picnic date!

Check this video out for a look at the experience first hand:

Why it’s the Perfect Picnic Date:

The traditional picnic “as is” can be… a little boring. Flavour Tripping turns up the spice and makes any date fun to remember.

Of all the picnics Amanda and I have been on this one is definitely one of the best. It’s pure romance, but includes that X-factor that entices you to want to go on more dates (which is hugely important if you want to stay together for a long term).

Note: This is usually a terrible first date idea because the average chick is smart enough not to take pills from a random guy she’s just met online…

Lemon & Chilli for our picnic date

Where to get Miracle Berries

They are hard to get at your local grocery store but you can order the lollie version online. I got mine from mBerry and they were great!

Some sellers also stock the fresh miracle berries and post them using airmail. If you’re really hardcore you can also grown your own bush too!

Miracle Berries

How to Prep the Picnic

Head to the nearest store and grab a selection of these “picnic foods”. The fresh lemons are a must have, but apart from our list just go with whatever you like (or think you will like on a flavour trip!).


  • Lemon, lime or grapefruit
  • Tomato
  • Fresh chillies (seriously!)


  • Salt and vinegar chips
  • Goats cheese
  • Blue vein cheese

Drink up

  • Guinness
  • Martini
  • Tabasco sauce

Pack it all together with a nice blanket, cups, knife and some real food. The chillies will taste great, but there’s only as many as you can eat!

If you are really wanting to turn the magic on – simply check out these two bonus ideas that work great for this date: Make it authentic and Your own nook in the universe.

The date Playbook

It starts as a fairly normal invite to a picnic. When you arrive – start setting up your blanket, cider, cups etc.

Next, casually grab the lemons, Tabasco sauce, sour green apples and place them around, like you would do with any picnic food. Eventually, she will ask why you have brought all this weird stuff. Simply tell her that this is a picnic with a twist, so she just needs to roll with it…

The trick is not to tell her what’s going to happen!

Want more Flavour?

Craft an authentic treasure map that leads to the stashed picnic goods!

Treasure Hunt Guide Pack

Crack open a miracle berry lollie for each of you. Hand one to her, and then explain that she needs to roll it around her tongue until it’s all gone. Take one by yourself at the same time, so you can experience it together

Then slice your lemon and give her a quarter – unless she’s really adventurous she will still be wondering “what is going on?” so it may take some convincing

Eventually you will get to the “1, 2, 3 GO” part, where you both tuck into that amazingly sweet lemon like a zombie in a kids playground. Remember to watch her face as she’ll have no ideas what is going on!

Real picnic food

From here take it casual, explore the various oddities together. The effect will wear off after a while, so you may need to take another miracle berry.

If your picnic is private – there are some fun experiments that do not involve food…

You should get a good 15-30 minutes of fun, which is enough to get the conversation flowing and make a totally fun picnic date. Move onto the actual food or BBQ stuff, so you don’t get hungry (considering the fact that you are filled with lemon juice)!

Bonus #1: Make it Authentic

The miracle berries are the “features” of this date but you can add even more awesomeness with this trick:

The traditional, cultural image of a picnic is natural, organic and totally hipster. So play on this to add some romance!

One of the best ways is to wrap the picnic food in paper and fabric making it look truly authentic. This takes more effort, but really makes a memorable impression!

If you don’t have these items below already in your date stash – head to the store and pick them up:

Shoelace knot on present

Fabric $15

  • An arm’s length of a fabric that you like
Fabric to wrap the picnic

Paper $3

  • Grab some brown wrapping paper or tissue paper
Brown paper to wrap the food

Twine $5

  • This is to tie it all together and make it look totally pro!
Twin to tie it all together

Wrap it up

About an hour before the date go and take all your food supplies out of the plastic packaging it comes in (you will be amazed at how much wrap there is).

Next, re-wrap it all in some brown paper to look authentic and natural. Add amour to the effect by writing some romantic notes on the inside of the paper, so that as she opens the bundle feels will be even better!

Lastly, pile it all into the middle of the fabric piece, tie it up at the top using a shoelace knot. You should end up with a hipster knapsack that merely screams about a perfect picnic date!

It’s the extra effort that makes her feel magic and you like like a total champ!

Food before unwrapping
Natural looking picnic food

Bonus #2: Your Own Nook in the Universe

Everyone loves that scene in Avatar when the sun goes down for the first time and all the coloured lights and plants come out. Your partner would love to go there!

You may not have a portable alien world in your backpack, but you can totally carve out your own piece of perfection for this date


How to make one for her

It takes about 2 hours to prep before this picnic date since you will need to head to the destination and set some stuff up. This is honestly a lot of effort, but she will totally feel romanced!

Be realistic though – we all work hard, so just go for what seems doable, rather than trying to set up a magazine photo shoot. After all, doing even one of the ideas below is probably enough to blow her away

Hang it like a Hipster

Grab the twine you have, and hang some of these from low tree branches:

  • Print 20 photos of the two of you
  • Prepare 5-6 small presents
  • Write her 10 nice notes (PRO points for using the wax seal in your date stash)
  • Hang the food you will use for the picnic
  • Get her a big present, and make her wait till the end of the picnic to open it!
Note hanging from a tree

Light it up


I love a late afternoon picnic that becomes a night date! You can make it fascinating with some mood lights to totally build the romance:

  • Poke some glow sticks into the ground ready to crack
  • Put tea candles inside brown paper lunch bags along with a handful or dirt
  • Sparklers! Tons of sparklers!
  • String some Solar fairy lights around the trees, just leave the charging pod in a sunny spot, so that they work!
  • Hang some paper lanterns with candles inside. A great sight during both day and night!


Your phone is your best friend on a date. Just have it charged, and a Spotify or YouTube playlist will do the rest to set the right mood.

If you’re really into chilled-happy music – then here’s our Spotify date playlist. Enjoy!

Spotify Playlist - Date Night Chill

Kill the Mosquitoes!

This has nothing to do with romance, and everything to do with the fact that she’s is not going to get her clothes off with 10,000 mossies around!

Grab some citronella candles or Bug Off! and let them do their job for about 1 hour before you think you need to. Trust me…

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