Transform your home into an

Escape Room Adventure


90m prep

Day or

Escape Room games place the player in a ‘locked room’ that they try to escape from by finding clues and solving puzzles. These are usually adventure experiences run as a business but you can easily transform your home into one using
this printable.

It contains all the clues and setup instructions required to make this totally different date night happen. Just head to your nearest office store to print the clues out as photos.

Fun escape room game

Bring the Spirit of Adventure to life with an

Adult Treasure Hunt


90m prep


Epic Treasure Hunt Banner pic

This is the date that gets talked about at parties for months! It’s an authentic adult treasure hunt that leaks mojo faster than a sinking pirate ship!

The Arrgh-venture starts with your soulmate ‘finding’ a treasure map and a note foretelling an explorative role play date on the horizon. It ends with uncovering romantic loot!

Don’t worry if map making isn’t your thing since there’s a step by step guide and a treasure map template you can simply download and print!

Affair with each other


2x Drinks

15m Prep

Night time

You’re going to have an affair with your partner by inventing an alter ego for a night! This is totally different to any other date night and has heaps of creative flex to get into the story!

Set the scene by pretending you’re both hanging out with friends separately for the night. In reality you’re meeting each other as ‘random strangers’ at a bar for a fun couples affair!

What really makes this date night different is creating and acting out your alter-ego! It’s also a totally unique experience trying to keep a straight face when you’re talking about your long standing passion for competitive hot dog eating! Check out our Alter Ego Builder for a quiz you can each prep with.

Couple kissing

She’ll love the surprise of a

Home Drive in Cinema


1h prep


What’s better then a movie for a date night? A unique garage cinema that makes her feel one in a million!

You kick the night off like any other dinner date so she wont think anything’s out of the ordinary. Something simple like burgers or takeout fits the feel of a Drive in Cinema date.

Head home after dinner and surprise her by rocking up at your own Drive in Cinema!. This is the highlight of the night and makes it totally memorable.

Garage cinema setup

It’s easy to prep:

  • Put a table in front of where the car will be parked
  • Cover with a sheet to give it a better feel
  • Plug your TV in on top of it
  • Get a Netflix ready on a laptop
  • Prep some snacks – popcorn, cider, lollies. These are much cheaper from the grocery store!
  • Hide blankets and pillows in the boot
  • Stash remote, lube, and bottle openers in the glove box

Share a surreal natural high on a

Flavour Tripping Picnic!


30m prep

Day time

Flavour Tripping is an eye-popping food bungie jump that your brain just can’t work out! Basically you eat a Miracle Berry and everything that would normally be sour tastes legendary sweet!

To make this a totally creative date picnic simply pack lemons, fresh chillies, Guinness, grapefruit etc… into your picnic gear.

The trick is to not tell your date what’s going to happen! This way the look on her face when she’s sucking lemons (and loving it) is amazing fun!

Flavour tripping lemon and chilli

Get outdoors with this real life treasure hunt!

Geocache Adventure Trek

It’s Free!

10m prep

Day or Arvo

Geocaching Date

Geocaching is a treasure hunt you can do in real life! Unfortunately there’s no giant boulders trying to mow you down but with millions around the world it’s definitely a ‘sport’ you can get into! Best of all it’s totally different!

To find one of these treasure chests use the

Breaking the law is epic fun when you’re burying a

Romantic Time Capsule

From $10

No prep

Day time

This date’s a double whammy – it’s fun when you bury it and romantic in 10 years when you dig it up! Not knowing where/what/who you’ll be then makes it even better.

Suss her out during the week with a question like ‘Have you ever made a time capsule’ and see if she gets excited or groans at the idea. If it’s a happy response then this dates a surefire bet! Keep your plan a secret for now so it will be a surprise on the day.

There’s no prep required for this date since you both head to the store together to get the container and anything you want to stash like photos or newspapers.

You can be totally unique and use a metal box but these are pricey so just grab a large and small plastic tub (one inside the other).

What to stash:

  • Letter to future you! (don’t show each other!)
  • Magazine or newspaper
  • Sexy photos of you both
  • That old phone in your drawer
  • Postage stamp
  • Household keepsake
  • CD or DVD (wont be playable but good memories)
Hidden present

Where to Bury it

After you’ve collected all your gear from down the street and at home it’s time to break the law and bury it somewhere you’re not supposed to (this is part of the fun!). A quiet spot in a park or near your favourite Geocache works a treat. You will need a shovel to help you bury the time capsule deep enough to avoid being found.

A totally different way to explore the city:

Photo Scavenger Hunt

From $15

90m prep

Day or night

The glamour and gloss of inner city lights and tall buildings wears dim after a few years. This date is all about taking her on an explorative journey to bring that novelty back!

It’s an adult scavenger hunt with a twist – the clues are photos that she uses to explore her way to the destination. Throw in a few coffee stops and random sights not previously noticed before and this is a unique date she wont forget.

Before the date day trek around the city taking happy snaps with your phone every 50 steps. Choose interesting icons she can look out for as well as a few close ups and harder ones to keep it interesting

Scavenger hunt clue - Clock
Scavenger hunt clue - bookshop

On the day

When you get to the start of the scavenger hunt hand over the stash of photos and explain that today she’s the tour guide connecting the dots to a surprise destination. After a clue or two it should start to make sense – the fun begins!

Along the way stop for coffees/lunch somewhere you’ve never been before and enjoy the time together. Make the final stop an interesting place for dinner or theatre for extra WOW!

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