Imagine you’re both out on a coffee or dinner date and it’s going great. As you’re chatting away the waiter brings out what you’ve ordered and on her plate is a romantic love note!

Epic? Totally.

Easy to prep? For sure? (see the trick below)

You obviously had to prep this somehow which makes you look totally boss!

How to pull this off

In reality this is totally easy to do – simply wait till she goes to the toilet. Then just grab the note from your pocket and ask the waiter (seriously it’s that easy!)

Here’s the script I use. Go up to a waiter and ask:
“Hi, I’ve got a surprise for my partner. When we order dessert would you be able to put this romantic note on her plate before you bring it out?

I’ve done this 4-5 times and never had anyone say no!


Here are some alternate ways to make this date hack even more creative:

  • Buy her a single rose and use that instead of a card
  • Do a handwritten note
  • Write that same note and fold the paper up as origami
  • Be creative and tea dye the paper
  • Wrap a present and use this as a fun way to give it to her
  • Grab a small romantic puzzle like this one and write your note on the back. Then split the pieces up and put them in an envelope. When it comes out it’s a fun game of putting it together!
  • Here’s some more epic ways to give a love note

Even more ideas:

10 printable date night invitations tmb

How’d it go? Share her reaction with the crew in the comments!

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