#1 Ditch the Paper

Fabric Gift Wrap

Start by grabbing a small present – it doesn’t have to be something expensive. I like giving this tea for something nice but affordable.

Now the easiest way to be unique is to actually be different!

Head to a fabric store and choose something creative to wrap your gift in. Velvet, Vinyl or printed fabric works a treat

Fabric Gift Wrapped Present

How much fabric to get

You should only need about an arm’s length but grab some some extra for your date stash. You will be surprised at how many interesting ways to wrap a present there are when you have some spare fabric lying around!

The trick to making it work

You can use the fabric in much the same way as paper however the challenge is that sticky tape will not stick!

Instead the trick is to tie it up with some string or cut a thin a strip of the cloth. Next wrap it around your present a few times and tie a regular shoelace knot to finish it off. Rough string works great because you do not have to get it perfect for it to look authentic!

Go the extra mile

You can have a lot of fun with this by hanging the present from a tree or light in your house. This takes unusual gift wrapping to the next level and makes for a really fun surprise when she gets home from work!

Shoelace knot on present
Hanging Present

#2 Seal the Deal

Paper present wrapped in fabric
Paper present with wax seal

If you have ever seen those wax seals on letters in Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings then you know how unique they can make something look!

Surprisingly they are easy to use as a creative way to give a gift as well!

All you need for is a wax seal kit with the first letter in your name on it. You can get one for about $30 on Amazon and it lasts for ages.

As far as DIY gift wrapping ideas go this is definitely one to have in your date stash! It adds a creative flare to any present!

P.S. here’s a totally Game of Thrones themed guide to wax seals.

How to make a wax seal

Bonus: Print one of these romantic date invites and give it to her the morning of the date for some epic buildup:

10 printable date night invitations tmb

#3 Change It Up

Presents are much more fun when she has no idea what it is until the last moment! This is much easier and cheaper than it sounds. Simply change the look and feel of the present by:

  • Roll up clothing to change the shape – be creative
  • Wrap the gift in bubble wrap then a layer of paper
  • Put small presents in large boxes before wrapping
Lingerie gift obscured

After some more inspiration? There’s some more more pics on this blog and here.

Give her the present while on one of these creative dates:

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