Get ready for a creative adventure on the

#3 Arrgh Treasure Hunt

Cheap as $10

Medium Prep

Day or arvo

Start by tea dying some paper to make a map or download the printable map pack. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

When you have your map it’s time to stash the loot (small present or picnic). Head out a few hours before the hunt begins and hide the treasure out of sight. It’s pretty important that your map guides to this spot…

When you’re on the date simply give subtle clues like ‘warmer/cooler’ rather than telling them where to go. A huge amount of the fun on this date is solving the clues and getting to the reward at the end.

Make a treasure map

#2: Garage Drive in Cinema

(she’ll never expect the popcorn!)

$10 – $20

Medium prep


When you arrive back home together she’ll never expect a drive in cinema to be set up in the garage! That’s when you bust out the popcorn and blankets for extra romance!

Start the night with a simple dinner out like burgers or burritos. These really fit the theme of the old school drive in cinemas. If you act like there’s nothing planned for afterwards she’ll be totally shocked as the garage door rolls up. This surprise is the highlight of the date night and makes it totally memorable!

Garage cinema setup

How to set it up:

  • You’ll need a table with a box on it for the TV
  • Cover it with a sheet
  • Set up your TV + Netflix so it can be seen from the car
  • Get 2 min popcorn, cider & snacks
  • Stash some blankets and pillows in the boot
  • Hide the remote, lube, and bottle openers in the glove compartment

#1 Escape Room Adventure

Transform your home into a fun puzzle challenge, or head out to a real life escape room together.

$0 – $80

Easy Prep

Any time

What’s better than being “locked” in a room with a hot person for an hour? Having fun puzzles to solve together!
Yes – glorious challenges to tickle your noggin and make you both laugh.

There are businesses setup up that craft beautiful experiences but they’re usually designed for groups for 4+ players, and can be quite expensive. So a great alternative is to download a printable escape room kit that you can play anywhere.

Lock Paper Scissors makes some that have everything done for you. Just place the clue cards on a table, or around your living room, and you can play the game together. They’re like a printable board game (but more way more interesting).

Intro intro from the Rebel Revolt Escape Kit. It’s designed for parties but works great as a date.

An escape room party

On the night, start by explaining to your partner that this is a creative role-play adventure date which you’ll be helping her through. Don’t worry if she’s not that much into mental challenges as it’s designed to be fun not math class.

Any of the games below have a quick intro and can be played together so you both get to enjoy the fun. Just download the printable game kit, set it up somewhere in your house, and get the date magic started.


Escape Room Z Game


another adult escape kit


Rebel Revolt tmb


The Lost Mummy Game

Bonus: Meet again for the ‘first time’ on an

Alter Ego First Date

Cheap as $15

Easy Prep

Night time

Meet at a bar or gig as random strangers with new names, personalities, clothing, life stories, interests, goals and dreams.

This makes for a mega different date night and has plenty of room for creative flex when choosing your alter ego!

Go on – be flamboyant, or crazy, or that strange guy who’s into extreme hot dog eating! Just be someone totally different to you and keep it secret from your partner. Here’s an Alter Ego Builder to get you started.

On the night be ready to bust out your best pick up lines, that meeting a new girl charm and enough swagger to carry the night through to a the couples affair of a lifetime!

Couple kissing

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