Growing up birthdays were never much of a thing in my family – just our culture I guess. We’d even move the celebration to whenever it was ‘most convenient’! When we got married however, we took it up a notch and loved it! (so did our kids!)

We celebrated every birthday by creatively decking the dining room and hallways out with full blown decorations! These were some of my favourite:

We’re not big on giving extravagant gifts but we still make the day special!

Lots and lots (and lots!) of daisies

Before my wife woke up one day I taped some hand picked daisies to thread and hung them down the hallway leading to the Dining room – where there’s even more daisies and gifts waiting! BTW When I say daisies I mean daisies, lots of them! All hanging just above eye level, spaced maybe one foot apart. Very cool looking and very fun!

Under the Big Top

We transformed the dining room into a circus by hanging cheap table cloths from the ceiling light fixture extending to the walls (just Dollar Tree budget ones). Then added flower petals to the hallway and splashed some more around under the ‘big top’ next to a present. It was awesome!

A doorway called love

Set up a doorway with hearts hanging from red and white ribbons so she has to break through them to get into the Dining Room! You can hang anything but something romantic like a love note makes it totally memorable for her!

Check out this creative home date!

Real life escape tmb

I do something different every year and it’s a lot of fun!


Oregon, USA

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