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Remember those sparks that lite up the atmosphere when you first met? Why no light a few more this anniversary!

Sure – you’re older now but priceless memories can be cashed in many times

Add a few memory hooks like that song you danced to, a similar scarf to the one you bought her and perhaps a role play as though you’ve first met and you’re in business!

Before The Bell

Write Down Your Top 3 Date Memories

There’s lots of side-stalls down memory lane so just pick 3 that you’d like to do on this anniversary date idea. Try and get one for each of these categories:

Something Creative

Going to the theater, concert or that ultra fancy dinner on the 35th floor of that swanky hotel

Something romantic

That place you went for dinner, the beach you walked down or that place you talked till 2am

Something Fun

That spot you split coffee all over her, stopped and danced in middle of the street or got stuck in the rain

Also get her some kind of present that’s more meaningful than expensive – after all it’s an anniversary not her birthday so romance is everything. (here’s a really creative origami idea that’s almost free)

For example that yellow rose you gave her on your 2nd date probably means more than $100 present you got her later so find something similar to give her on the day

You can add some extra class by wrapping the present in a unique way – see the Gift Wrapping Guide for some ideas

Dating brings the spice back quote
Scavenger hunt Clue - Degraves Lane

Do some prep

You’ll need to do some prep to pull this one off so go through your list of 3 dates and work out what you will need to do for each

Don’t forget to book any restaurants or tickets too

Bonus Awesomeness – Photos!

Photos and videos bring the memories back like nothing else so go through your phone and print out some of the best

If you want to go all out you can print a photo book at an office supplies store. These are a great way to remember an anniversary and are usually pretty cheap too!

The Magic

How to add Some Extra Romance

If you want to be fully pro leave some photos from your relationship with the manager at one of the cafes a few hours before the date night and ask them to bring them out with the order. The waiter will be surprised when but no-one has ever said ‘no’!

Here’s a full guide for how to pull this off!

Romance in soup thumbnail

Conversation Starters

In case you get stuck:

  • What’s your strongest memory from last time we were here?
  • If you were planning today where would you go?
  • Do you think you have changed much?

Enjoy the carnival down memory lane!

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