How it works

One makes dinner, the other does dessert!

The fun part is you head to a store first and choose the ingredients for each other!


This one’s easy – just clean the kitchen and you’re good to go!

Everything else you do together as part of the date

On The Day

When you get to the store split up and secretly buy 3 ingredients for each other

Then it’s time to turn up the heat and get cooking!

The Magic

As well as the fine (or not so fine) food this one’s an endless stream of conversation starters:

  • Guess your ingredients?
  • How’s your sauce going?
  • Who put flour in my hair!

Before The Bell

Ready note
Steady Notes
Cook note

Clean the Kitchen

There’s going to be two of you in there at once so some bench space goes a long way.

This also makes her feel cared about if you don’t normally do this!

Leave a note

You want her to get into the vibe that this is going to be a really fun date so leave her a trail of notes using post-it-notes. Grab 3 and write Ready, Steady, Cook on them. This is the cheapest and easiest date invite ever!

Then place the Ready on the front door (or somewhere she will find it first like the bedroom door ), Steady on the way to the kitchen, and Cook on the kitchen bench. Lastly add that extra shine by putting a few cooking tools on the bench ready to go

This is a really intriguing way of getting into the vibe of a date and shows that you’ve taken the time to actually think of her. If all you on any of your dates is make her feel that you’ve thought of her more than yourself you’re doing great!

It Beings

Telling Her

When she finds the notes get excited and let her know it’s a date night. No need to get dressed up just head straight for the car and down to the store

In the car explain what’s going on.

You’re going to be buying the ingredients for each other to cook with so let her choose whether she would prefer to make dinner or dessert

Make it fun

Really play up the idea of keeping what you’re buying secret until it’s revealed back home.

This way you end up sneaking around the supermarket avoiding each other like you’re Jason Bourne

If you enjoy chilling out at home on a date night then this home Escape Game is a must!

Real life escape tmb

Buying stuff

When you get to the supermarket split up and arrange to meet out the front in 15 or so minutes. You’ll both need to buy 3 ingredients for the other person to cook with

Go for interesting things like salmon or steak as you can also use anything in the cupboard a home

While you’re there also grab a bottle of wine for while you’re cooking

Adventure Up

Get 3 ingredients you’d normally never by like a whole fish, saffron or goats cheese

Chill Out

If you’re not that into cooking print out a few easy recipes you can both pick from

Back Home

Make a big deal of The Reveal and show each other what they have to cook with.

This is likely to result in lots of What!? and a few laughs.

All that’s left is to crack open the wine, hit some background music and get cooking! Remember this is supposed to be fun so putting flour in her hair and smiling at the burnt fish it totally ok!

Pies from our date night

The Magic

Conversation Starters

  • Food is a great chance to muck around so putting flour in her hair or yelling out ‘catch’ while that egg is already mid flight makes for a good laugh
  • What’s the worst meal you’ve ever made?
  • Did you actually eat any real food at college?
  • We should learn to make a Couples Signature Dish for dinner parties. Any ideas?
Spotify Playlist - Date Night Chill

Setting the mood

Don’t wait till the meal is ready to have fun as the experience is in the cooking. Instead put some music on and dance or throw food at each other!

If you’re into happy-chill music check out Amanda and my Spotify Playlist

This date idea takes basically no prep time but is still hotter than a ghost chilly!

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