How it works

This date idea starts with giving her 30 photos of random spots around the city – the fun part is she’s the tour guide who needs join the dots!


Start by Googling your area for cool things to do

Walk around them all taking photos on your phone. Print these out ready to give to her

On The Day

When you arrive at the 1st photo let her guide the two of you around

You might need to give the occasional hint (or malevolent laugh)

The Magic

As well as looking like you’ve spent hours planning this there’s going to be a special stop along the way:

  • Buy her a hat
  • Oldest building in the area
  • End the trip at a theater

Before The Bell

Google some cool spots

First thing is to work out where you’re going to go (don’t worry this is easier than it seams)

Just Google self-guided walking tour <city name> and there will be one already made for you. They also tell you all the cool factoids about the area so it looks like you’re in the know!

This Arcades and Lanes one only took a few seconds to find and comes with a full map!

You don’t have to go everywhere on the walk so customize it to what you’re both into and how much $$ you have for the date. Feel free to change the stops if you’re married or been together for a while

Save the walking tour pdf to your phone as you’ll need it to take the photos before the date begins

Walking tour guide example

Adventure Up

With indoor rock climbing, extremely hot Mexican or Paddle boarding

Chill out

At a second hand book store, couples massage or doing a coffee Crawl

Scavenger hunt clue - gog
Scavenger hunt Clue - Il Paprio

Walk like a man

Grab your phone and walk the tour taking a photo every 50 or so steps. This should only take 1 hour as you’re not stopping at anything

It can be hard to follow a trail from just from photos so make sure the photos are of iconic things that stand. Also don’t forget to include the bars and shops you think she’d like to stop at

You should have about 30 shots in the end to print out. Chicks usually love photos so more just add to the date idea

Add a nightlife twist by taking the photo’s during they day but going on the date at night!

Print some photos

Head to an office shop and print the photos out – remember to keep them in the right sequence

Number them all on the back in case they get mixed up. Also find some stand out ones and write something nice on the back like We have to try this cheesecake! on a pic of a cafe

Two Days Before

Let her know she’ll need to block out the afternoon for a date night

Keep the details close to your chest and just let her know she’ll need good walking shoes and it’s going to be in the city

One Day Before

This parts fun – go all out and hide the photos around the house!

Put a few in obvious places and when she starts to pick them up tell her There’s 30 somewhere in the house to hunt for!

Even after she’s seen the numbers, and put them in order, she’s likely to still be wondering what this date idea is all about – hold off telling her until the day as build up is awesome!

Scavenger hunt Clue - Degraves Lane
Scavenger hunt Clue - Butterflys

It Beings

Scavenger hunt clue - purse
Scavenger hunt clue - Melbourne buildings

Photo #1

The 1st photo is where you want to start. From here she’s the tour guide connecting the dots together

It’s harder than it looks so either give the occasional hint or laugh malevolently if that’s how you guys roll!

It’s all about the Journey

The goal of this date idea isn’t to get to the destination as fast as humanly possible (although this is definitely a highlight!). Rather take your time to enjoy the journey:

  • Head into any shops that stand out to either of you
  • Chill out in a cafe
  • Go exploring down that creepy lane
  • Stop and watch a busker for a while sipping a slushy

If you like scavenger hunts you’ll love this Adult Treasure Hunt!

There’s even a printable map template for easy prep!

Treasure Hunt Guide Pack

Remember the guide

You’ll also have the chance to drop some factoids from the walking guide you downloaded

These can be pretty smooth, and make you look totally in the know, but overdoing it isn’t great dating form so see if she gets into them

Scavenger hunt clue - Myer Melbourne

The Magic

Cool store
Scavenger hunt clue - Sign

Go out with a bang!

  • Make the final photo a visit to a theater
  • Buy her a present
  • An old building that’s now a tourist attraction

The small things

Here’s a few finishing touches to polish this one off:

  • Try and find a street named after her or the job she does using Google Maps and include this as a stop along the way
  • At the first stop get out two $5 notes and give her one. Then enjoy the buskers along the way and vote for your favorite by chipping in
  • Include a chocolate stop along the way (a solid idea for any date)

Conversation Starters

You’re unlikely to need these, as the hunt keep things flowing, however here’s a few just in case:

  • What’s your best memory around here?
  • If you were organizing today where would you take me?
  • There’s a heap of dance lessons around here – we should do one as a date some time!

Show her your form by chilling at the most interesting places you know along the way!

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