The idea of a ‘Romantic Love Note’ holds zero value for most men (there’s just no cultural back story for us to gel with). But chicks love this stuff! It’s why books like Fifty Shades of Grey are almost entirely read by women.

This date hack is all about how to make your partner feel mega cared about using a cocktail of words and creativity. Don’t worry if you’re feeling this is all a little soppy – it kicks goals! (and also works as the perfect kick-off point for a romantic Valentine’s day)

Giving her a romantic note is like her sending you a sexy selfie while you’re at work! Hot!

How to crush it like Shakespeare

Even if her love language isn’t ‘Words’ this will still make her day!

How you give a love note is more important than what it says. For example sending an SMS saying you’re thinking about her will never mean as much as a letter in the post or a 2ft message written on the bathroom mirror using liquid chalk!

This is because the delivery is where the emotion is. Don’t get me wrong a cute message is important but put your effort into creatively giving it and you’ll kick goals! Here’s 13 of my best ways of giving a note:

Fun Ways to Give a Love Note

Scrunched up hidden note

Stash a Surprise

Write 3x notes on paper and hide them around the house where you know she’ll find them.

E.g. in her shoe, drawer and make-up bag


Download and print these poetic romance cards as photos from an office store.

Give her one and put the rest in your Date Stash for later!

On a photo

Use a permanent marker to write a funny or romantic note on a photo. Then leave it somewhere obvious for her to find.

Alternatively, you can write a sentence across several photos by placing a single word on each one. Then leave these in order along the hallway for her to find when she wakes up in the morning!

If you want to really go all out combo this with Brian’s Birthday Trick

Use a puzzle

Do a small puzzle and write a romantic love note on the back. Then break it into sections and hide them around the house or post them. This is totally awesome for an anniversary or birthday!

Romantic note written on mirror

On the fridge!

Plaster it all over the fridge as a surprise for when she gets out of bed!

This is also a great chance to throw out all the junk on it!

Toilet roll awesomeness

Creative intro on toilet paper

Mailbox Surprise!

Placing a letter in the mailbox is nice and easy. No need to post it!

Hand written card

Cereal Box lid

Write a cute note under the cereal box lid for a great surprise first thing in the morning!

Waiter there’s romance in my soup!

When you go to a cafe together bring a permanent marker along. She will usually go to the toilet which is your chance to write something romantic on a napkin. Then ask the waiter to bring it out with whatever she orders! Check out the full date hack

Chalk Chase

Do a chalk chase surprise date and write the message on the pavement!

Beautiful written on sidewalk

Post it notes

Leave a message on a sequence of post it notes like in this cooking date

Creative post it note message

Stashed in PJ’s

Hide it in her pyjamas or lingerie.

Ideally it will fall out out when she’s getting changed!


Card by Majalin

Nice cards are worth the cash

Buying one card is a pain because you have to remember to go to the store and grab one for what feels like minimal benefit. However, buying five cards at the same time and keeping 4 in your date stash for later is smart. Really smart!

This saves you time. It also saves you money since you can buy them online when they’re on sale. Best of all you’re happy to give her one even if it’s not a special occasion which means she’s going to feel more cared about!

When you have a card give it to her in a creative way like hiding it in the linen cupboard or posting it to her at work.

P.S. I love cards by the artist Majali like the one in the photo.

Stuck for something to write? Check out this cool love note generator or download one of these note templates

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