You’re great at learning:

As a kid you learned to count numbers. As a teen it was all about learning to drive a car before your mates. These days the latest learning challenge in your life is meeting a soulmate. The great news is you can learn this too (which is good because chicks used to scare me half to death…)

In January I’m presenting part of an online course on how you can actually enjoy the dating game. It’s aimed at people who actually like other people (AKA there’s no sleazy pick up tips).

So if you’re looking for a ‘Soulmate’ it’s probably for you.

30 day cafe crawl

What you’ll get out of it

Old school light bulb

There’s a 1 hour preso each week covering a different topic:

  • Working out what you (really) want
  • Making an online dating profile that’s actually good
  • How to read warning signs early on (real life and online)
  • Flirting dynamics (because science is awesome)
  • How to end a relationship without being a tool
  • Fun date ideas that make you stand out (I’ll be presenting this one and cover what to do on dates 1-3)
  • How to get over those random dumb fears

Here’s the gear:

You can signup for the online course here. The cost is nothing compared to the $$ you’ll save by finding your soulmate faster and skipping a lot of bad dates.

Best of all you’ll be able to enjoy the journey more!

Happy couple
Elliott & Amanda's wedding
Elliott and Amanda at the snow
Us at a fun run
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