How does it work?

This one’s about the unexpected! We’re not even going to tell her it’s a date night until the last minute!

Before the Bell

Just 15 to 30 mins should have you covered!

You’ll need a Geocache to hunt for (more on that later) as well as a quick dash to the supermarket for a few snacks.

It Begins

After you tell her you want to go for a walk, she puts her shoes on and finds a mysterious note scrunched up inside there…

Following that you give her the title of Head Adventurer and an iPhone with a map to follow – the rest is a surprise for both of you!

The Magic

This date is almost like a movie script – a little bit of mystery, a joint challenge, some romance and a mega exciting finale!

It’s also a great one to get you two talking since the hunting and exploring makes epic smalltalk

Before The Bell

Save time by using someone else’s treasure!

All over the world people hide treasure chests called Geocaches then post the GPS location online so anyone can go exploring for it!

When you find the loot box you can take an item out and put something of your back in for the next person – along the way it’s a fistfull of fun

We’re going to use one of these to make date prep easy!

How to find a Geocache

The easiest way to find one is to download the Geocaching app on your phone. From here you can search for treasure spots and use the app among your phone’s GPS to navigate.

Here’s a quick video from the guys who run the site on how it works:

Adventure Up

If she likes breaking a sweat on her dates – just choose a Geocache with a high terrain difficulty score. These are a solid effort to get to!

Chill Out

If she’s not a fan of mosquitoes, there’s Geocaches in most cities too. Usually you will find a notebook to sign and some nearby lattes!

Quick Shop

You will want a small object or toy to swap with something in the Geocache. Either grab something from around the home or buy something fun such as a lego character, cool dice or a foreign coin from you last overseas trip

Also dash to a supermarket and grab some snacks since you’ll get pretty hungry with all the walking around. If it’s a big trip you may also want some Bug Off and sunscreen

The List

  • Snacks for a walk
    Muesli bars, nuts, fruits, chocolate, water
  • Small picnic
    Cheese, dips, cider
  • Little toy or foreign coin
    We’re going to leave this in the Geocache

It Begins

Telling her

Give her the heads up that something cool is going to happen by writing her a note. Short and sweet lets her to get into the story but still leaves a little mystery. You don’t have to make it fancy like this one – anything will do

To add a little surprise leave the note inside her shoes before work or wrap it around her toothbrush!

Pack some snacks

Chuck your snacks and picnic gear into a backpack for the trip. Whipping out her favorite chocolate just as she says “I’m hungry” is totally PRO! Don’t forget to chill the ciders for the party picnic at the end too!

Note saying: The adventure begins

Be totally epic and craft a treasure map for this date!

Treasure Hunt Guide Pack

Here’s all you need to make an epic map, stash some romantic loot, and share an unforgettable date-venture together!

There’s even a quick print map download for easy scheming!

Get Geocaching!

It’s pretty simple from here: you’ve chosen which Geocache to hunt for, got the app that shows you how to get there and the snacks are in the bag.

Go trekking! When you get there you have only to crack out the ciders for a picnic and dial up suitable atmosphere by playing some music from your phone

Remember: if you make it about her, she’s more likely to make other things in your relationship about you!

Geocaching on Mt Feathertop

The Magic

Conversation Starters

The exploring and adventuring should be more than enough to get the vibe going but here’s some just in case:

  • The most dangerous thing you have ever done
  • Did you secretly love doing it?
  • Why don’t we grab a camper van sometime and go tripping some place we’d never go?
  • When you were younger was there something you always wanted to do when you grow up?
  • Lets do that someday!
Autumn Leaves
Out in the bush!

Add some Fun

Geocaching brings back this strange sense of being a kid again so have some fun:

  • Hide some water pistols or Nerf guns in your bag (epic fun!)
  • As you walk, play one of her favourite songs on your phone and start dancing with her. She’ll never expect it!
  • If you can get to the Geocache destination the day before you can hide her a romantic note or present

Happy Geocaching!

If you need more adventure and fun, check out the Adult Treasure Hunt!

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