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Dinner & Movie… Again?

You’ve been to the cinema a lot. Like a lot! If you’re struggling to make it interesting time and time again try this fresh date idea: a surprise drive in cinema in your garage! It’s really easy to pull this one off and works like chocolate… Or oysters… Or red wine (actually, including these is not a bad idea for the night as well).

It’s going to be ‘dinner as usual’ but when you pull up back home the garage is decked out as a mini drive in cinema. This is surprisingly not a lot of work – it just takes a bit of creativity.


Prep – it’s easy:

Garage cinema setup

All you need is a garage, TV, and Netflix. Choose a movie you’ll both enjoy (here’s some you’ll both probably like) and avoid sad dramas. Do a quick test to make sure it works in order to avoid the less impressive ‘ah…. hang on a moment’

Get some comfy pillows or blankets and put them in the boot out of site. You’ll both find them useful during your impromptu date, especially if you are only planning to see the beginning of the movie anyway…

Do all this prep while she’s away and you’re 100% sure she won’t be coming home for at least one hour, so you can get it all setup.

Grab some snacks

Head to the store and grab some popcorn, snacks and cider to help set the scene. One of the great things about this date night is that’s its totally cheap fun – $3 of popcorn sets some serious mood when she’s not expecting it!

If you want to go the extra mile you get some of those popcorn boxes from your local cinema (just ask or bribe someone at the counter).

Prep the snacks into some bowls before the night begins to avoid a long delay where she’s just sitting in the car by herself. Leave the popcorn uncooked until right before you dish it up (the bags only take about 2 minutes)!

This popcorn cooks really quickly

The Date Playbook

Hmmm.... surprise snacks!

This date night is all about making a single moment of surprise that blows her away! Here’s how:

Start by taking her out for burgers – drive in Cinema style! This probably wont seam very date-worthy so if she asks just explain that there’s a theme for the night that will make sense later.

Keep things very casual so she doesn’t expect you’ve put any work in. This way when you open the garage door and she finds a cozy drive in cinema the impact will be be a showstopper!.


Once you’ve pulled into your garage there’s a few minutes of frantic assembling before you can hit the breaks. Nuke the popcorn, grab the ciders from the fridge and bring it all out as yet another surprise!

Amanda was blown away here

This double surprise is a great highlight for the night so no need to rush it. After that play the movie, laugh out loud, comment without anyone shushing you, make out, be romantic, get indecent and even have a popcorn battle!

All the benefits of a cinema experience, minus the other people’s frowns, groans, kids and rustling bags

Popcorn for the date night

Simple but Creative

These cheap getaways at home are perfect opportunities to remind each other why you’re so great together and on how much fun you are missing out on when you let routine creep in.

This, and other surprises, mean you’ll both have a lot more fun together! It’s not about 110% effort, it’s about creativity and showing that you care!

Check out this Epic Mod:

Here’s what Johann, from Australia, did for this wife:

Johann from Australia

My amazing wife was very pregnant so I decided to do a modified version and turn the house into the cinema.

The night before I got the supplies: 2 McDonalds Cups from the drive through (not used), lollies+popcorn, made fake money, made the tickets, the movie+trailers pre loaded from youtube, signs for the house and a kiosk staff member outfit.

We went for a drive, but I “forgot my wallet” so we drove back, I quickly set up then called her inside to help find it. Waiting at the door was an envelope with the money in it, she come in purchased her ticket, lollies, drink and popcorn. (Learn how to use the popcorn in the microwave first so you don’t burn it on date night, oops)

Works a charm and its a small twist on just watching the movie in the lounge room, Enjoy boys.

Real life escape tmb

Love home dates? Try this:

Transform your house into an escape room game for a night!

Simply print this pack then hide the clues around the house and you’re ready to go! (Or play it super casual like this couple) It’s a lot of fun and costs under $20!

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