This one’s simple, cheap and very funny! Just grab a permanent marker and attack a (new) toilet roll with romantic quotes and toilet humour.

Start by unrolling the toilet paper to the 3rd or 4th square. This way she wont notice the joke until she needs it! Write her name nice and large and continue adding one word to each square after that.

To make this easier there’s an intro below and some humorous suggestions but be creative and make some of your own up too!

Creative intro on toilet paper

Start with this Intro:

Welcome to your looventure! Don’t worry it’s all mostly clean. Except for this joke ‘insert one of the jokes’. ‘add something romantic’ etc…

Marker with toilet paper


  • My love for you is more eternal than this toilet roll
  • Your love is like a box of toilet paper – I can’t get enough!
  • What happens when you win a game on the toilet? Winnie the Pooooo!
  • You make me more happy than finding a hidden roll of toilet paper
  • Towards the end of the roll use: The end is nigh / You’re getting close to the bottom
  • If at first you don’t succeed keep flushing!


  • You stole my heart but I’ll let you keep it
  • I don’t need the whole world to love me just loo
  • One of my favourite memories with you is ‘memory’
  • You are my ‘nickname 1, nickname 2 etc…’
  • I love it when you ‘nice thing she does’
  • I love you more than i did yesterday
  • You make me happy in a way no one else can
  • You don’t cross my mind you live in it
  • We have been together for ‘X years’ and I’m loving you more than ever
  • Here’s some others by famous(ish) people
Winnie the Pooh on toilet paper

Hang the toilet roll any way you like!

Toilet paper attacked

Bonus ideas

  • Pretend the cat attacked it using some scissors!
  • Hide a chocolate bar in the middle of the toilet roll
  • Spray it with your collogne for that smooth touch
  • Grab some prank toilet paper and add jokes to it

Got a great joke or romantic note? Drop it in the comments:

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