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60 mins Prep

Creative Risqué

Night time

The day it all began…

Do you remember the first time you both met? Can you picture what she was wearing or that glance when she noticed you? Can you rewind to that first impression? Those intense feelings are unbeatable! 

Ok back to reality. The nostalgic part is over – it’s time for some action! I’m going to show you one of the best tricks to relive those moments all over again:

Do a first date role play!

Stencil Couple

First date… again?!?

Graph of Awesomeness increasing with Novelity

The more you repeat one action the less enthusiastic your brain becomes, so trick it! Our minds are surprisingly easy to deceive, so it’s enough to set a new context with the same person, and BAM! The first-time magic happens all over again!

It’s really as simple as a role play with some uber creative flare. Here’s how it works: agree with your partner to both be someone else for one night. Someone totally else! The whole repertoire: personality, looks, life story… Everything!

It’s more like schizophrenia than acting a role, which means you’ll need to create an alter ego for the night. Exciting! Once you get into it whole new world of fun dating awaits! Ready?

How to plan a ‘new you’

Just like a book writer you first need to draft out your new personalities. Choose a character that’s different from the everyday-you, but close enough to what she likes so you’ll get along (think romantic not annoying!)

The goal is to make this as authentic to a first date as possible so plan your new personas secretly. This adds epic mystique and surprise on the night!

The next step is to use the Alter Ego builder to fill in the blanks.

Who will you create?

Alter Ego Builder

Johnny Depp in The Tourist

Your Date Night Personality

Start by thinking of a few unique characters you like from movies. This will give you a lot of creative flavour to play with.

Next write down 2-3 things you like about each – perhaps their chilled vibe, artistic attitude, or alpha-male charisma. This is the basis of your Alter Ego!

I’m using Johnny Depp from The Tourist as an example since I love his creative-weird persona and it gives me plenty of room to be a little different. (P.S. if you choose Jack Sparrow you have to drop me a line on FB about how it went!)

Style, Fashion & Mojo!

Acting in character all night can be a challenge but dressing for the occasion makes you more convincing and gives a mojo boost. You can be totally frugal and borrow a mates clothes or hit up a thrift shop to get a new outfit.

Try to change as many elements as possible, to really bring the freshness of the new you to the surface. If you’re usually wearing bright colours and crazy combos, you’ll look jaw-dropping in an oh-so-serious suit and bowtie outfit. On the contrary, if you usually go for a classy appearance, go wild and out there or even dye your hair blue!

Easy Style Changes

  • Dress more colourfully
  • Chilled vs classy
  • Hat
  • Hairdo
  • Tie or Scarf
  • Makeup
  • Shave/grow your beard

What makes you tick!

A quick Google search on any topic will give you enough background to be a pro in some area! Since this is a creative role play date there’s no limits so why not pick something totally unique! Here’s some suggestions:

Where’s the $$ come from?

Again you want to invent an interesting Alter Ego so pick a job and life goals that are interesting!

Anything exciting will do – King Pin, Astronaut, dream of having 9 kids, or being a pro busker are great! It’s going to be easier to pick something which is totally different because a quick Google + imagination will give you enough juice to get in character!

Choose an unusual job like an astronaut

More creative questions to ask yourself

Where and how you’ve travelled

Where and how you grew up

Sexual tastes (try something new!)

Introvert vs extrovert & accent

Date Night Playbook

Corny pickup line

Split up in the morning, with the agreement to meet each other at a given time. This allows allows you both time to prep for the date.

When it’s almost time to go take one final look at yourself in the mirror, maybe even exercise some pick-up lines or prepare some conversation material. If you’re married don’t forget to leave the ring at home for a night!

Grab a cab or train to the location since your personal car will bring a whole lot of the normal you into the scenery.

This is where it heats up!

Here’s another role play date that transforms your home into an escape room adventure!

Real life escape tmb


This is the moment neither of you can believe their eyes. Try not to make any remarks on how different from her daily self she looks. This night is just between the new you and the new her.

One of you is going to have to make the intro so man up and bust out up the best moves your Alter Ego can muster… let the games begin!

Stencil Couple

This should be a magical night that brings back novelty like nothing else! If you suddenly feel hot, it’s probably not because someone turned the air conditioning off… ☺

If its going well take advantage of the butterflies in your stomach and head somewhere for sex like you’ve never done it (literally – you should totally come with a new game plan!) Rather then head home to what you already know find a rooftop, ally, loo or nook in the bushes to break out the hot stuff!

The morning after

This date night is a lot of fun but it’s also a fantastic learning opportunity for both of you! The following morning take some time to chat about what you liked and didn’t like. You may even find changes you want to make to your normal selves!

Here’s some conversation starters to get you going >

  • What made you think I’d enjoy [that]
How did [story] make you feel?
  • Why don’t we give [weird hobby] a go?
What was the moment that you liked the most?
Which trait of my character did you LOVE?
  • We should try [sex position] again!

This date night is just one step in spicing up your relationship for the long term. It’s going to take a lot more effort but I love this date idea because it’s inexpensive and you can do it multiple times! Simply be creative and choose a different Alter Ego!

If you keep at it you’ll find your way through the tedium of daily chores and once again be able to feel why you’re together! Go for it!

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