Lets be Real…

We love the rush of a busy life… so why change it!

Sure we’re tired at times but the thrills of packing it all in make it worth it.

Here’s how you can duck home from work just in the nick of time and still bust out a fun date night!

Life is a story of imperfect moments

Great ideas you’ve probably done before:

  • Grab tickets to a show/theater
  • Netflix home date
  • Get flowers delivered


The classic example of this is going out for movies and dinner. All you have to do is walk in the front door and you’re done

The problem is that it gets a little repetitive after the 40th time and you’re cooler than that!

Check out below for some fresh time saving date ideas that are a little different

Try these way’s of saving time while still turning up the romance:

#2: Surprise Cooking Date

This is a 0 min prep date! Even if neither of you like cooking it can still be fun since it’s a little different

One of you will make dinner while the other does dessert. The fun part is that you choose what each other’s going to be making!

Simply jump in the car and head to the nearest grocery store. You then split up and…

Pies from our date night

#1 Quick Date Idea


Geocaching Hill

It takes less than 10 mins to prep, costs $10, and gets the conversation flowing!

Geocaching is where people all over the world have gone out (on your behalf!) and hidden mini treasure boxes in random places.

They then upload the location to the Geocaching system and you can find your way there using an App on your phone. When you get there…

Scavenger hunt Clue - Block Arcade

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