Why Contributing is Awesome:

The world is for the little guys. The ‘Yous’ and the ‘Mes’. It’s made up of a billion unique canvases that colour our culture in their own way. It’s these real stories I want to tell.

The story of what 1 guy did last week that made his soulmate smile. This is headline worthy to me!

Imagine a crew of guys who chip in their best of the best date ideas for others to take, adapt, and use as their own? This is why the Date Night Wingman blog exists.

And it will be even more awesome with you!

How it works

Shoot through your idea. It can be on anything you feel will help men champion the one they love. Here’s a few areas I already post on to help get the ideas started:

Stories from the WolfPack

Ground zero accounts of men on their journey of dating.

For example what keeps you together? A D-Day moment (I had one of these). Or interview style Q&A (just ask for the questions).

Date Night Ideas

Step by step HowTo’s. What made it epic? Pro tips.

The more creative the better! For example rather than ‘Go on a hike’ explain how to use Geocaching to make getting outdoors romantic.

Guest post

1000 words dripping in epic!

I’m looking for hard hitting actionable HowTo’s. Some great areas include personal experience, creative or cheap date nights or useful lists.

Please no junk like – ‘THIS one trick will get your mojo back’.

Date Hacks

Those quirky date tips and tricks every man should know.

I’m currently writing a vault of these and would love to include some from the crew!

Your Date Photo

Got a great pic or video from a date night you did? Patch it through with a quote!

If it’s from a date idea on DNW I can add it to that guide!


If you’ve got an idea to improve or alter an existing date idea on Date Night Wingman shoot it through or add it to the comments on that post!

Share your idea:

What would you like to contribute?

Optionally add a photo or document:

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