Bust out the active wear on a

Fitness Adventure Date

There are safe dates, safe dates are fun… The problem is that they are just that. Safe. I tend to enjoy dates that are different from the norm. Now, I happen to like being active. I’ve been on a date—not a first date mind you—where we I walked a tour of Charles Fleming’s Secret Stairs of Los Angeles.

It was a workout but we were able to laugh all the way!

We worked up a sweat walking the various staircases and hitting some serious peaks along the way, but it was fun, rigorous and afterward we sat down at a local cafe, talked about what we’d just done and then shared a few bits about ourselves. Yes, it was a workout, but it was fun and we were able to laugh all the way, while exploring. Adventure dates are some of the best dates!

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What’s sexy, fun and totally different?

Glow in the dark body paint

Let’s just say he was excited to try a new kind of date!

With me being a quality time and physical touch girl I enjoy dates that incorporate those. One of my favorite dates was when I surprised my husband, Ryan, with a glow in the dark body paint session. Let’s just say he was excited to try a new kind of date!

Lay down some old white sheets, get a black light and some glow in the dark body paint. You can make it as playful and fun or as romantic and seductive as you want. In my opinion there is plenty of time for both!

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Check out some of Cassie Celestain’s other date ideas at True Agape.

Get your smile on and

Relive the best memories

It’s always exciting to have a first kiss again (and again)!

My mister and I have been together for years, and we’re all-too familiar with how easy it is to fall into patterns and routines in the relationship. One of our favorite ways to combat this partnership fatigue is to “go back” to when we first started dating to remember how much we love each other–more than that, how much we genuinely like each other. We’ve gotten pretty creative with our time travel over the years.

Some of our favorite dates are nights we sit on the front porch with whiskey and a nice cigar, retelling stories of when we met, or the first time we kissed, or the first time he told me he loved me. Other times we reinvent our story. We go out to dinner and pretend we’re on a first date, revisiting all of those inquisitive “get to know you” moments. It’s about staying curious with someone you’re familiar with. Plus, it’s always exciting to have a first kiss again (and again).

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Get extraterrestrial with

Romantic stargazing

This is by far my favourite date night and is the perfect setting for romance.

Stargazing is the perfect opportunity to make the most of the outdoors and have a sun setting romantic evening with a twist. Be it at the local park, the botanical gardens or by the waters edge. Add in a rug, a blanket to snuggle under, a bottle of wine and some takeway and you have an evening filled with no distraction except each other.

This is by far my favourite date night and is the perfect setting for romance. Simple dates are often the most memorable.

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Connect with your soulmate on the

Working on ‘us’ date

Fun is awesome. Fun is legend. But there’s also a time to work through relational challenges, communication, and what’s going on in your life.

This is the working date.

It’s not very sexy but scheduling in a few of these, among the fun date ideas, means you’ll keep growing as a couple. It’s totally worth it.

Jason drops authentic marriage advice from years of experience doing it! Check out the full story of the Working Date over at The Hookah Affair.

Cheap and chilled romance with

Lots and lots of Tea candles

We sat there in the moonlight talking and laughing for hours

One of the best dates I have had was the first one with my current partner of nearly 7 years. Not being particularly interested in cheesy romance before I met him, the fact that we were going for a picnic (at night!) was possibly my worst idea of a date. However off we went to a secluded wooded area, which although potentially sounds like I might have been murdered in this place, it was a lovely spot, lit by the moon and luckily the air was warm.

My date poured me a glass of Prosecco (which is always a good start) and then started to light lots of little tea light candles around us. We ate nice food out of a wicker basket and sat there in the moonlight talking and laughing for hours. For the next 4 years of our relationship he would plan, at least once a year, a surprise picnic for us to go on and I got over my fear of cheesy romance and now crave it! Albeit I haven’t been taken on one of these picnics for a few years now so I am either doing something wrong or he is getting lazy….!!

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Clare brings heaps of experts together, at The SWExperts, to talk about love and dating. I’d recommend their for men category.

Summertime never looked better than a

Water fight fun time

Begin by grabbing all the toys weapons you will use

When it’s summer time, the temperatures are rising and you feel hot and sweaty you don’t have to cancel your date night plans. Instead ask them to join you for some serious fun in the sun!

Begin by grabbing all the toys weapons you will use to have an awesome water fight. I’d suggest water guns, water balloons, bottles with the lid off, and even a hose if you really want to get serious

Stash the gear around the backyard or nearby park and get ready for fun!

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