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DIY Escape Room Fun

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One of the best date nights at home is to do an escape room with your soulmate (like this one).

It’s kinda like a real life puzzle adventure where you solve challenges, decrypt ciphers, and generally laugh a lot. It’s not for everyone but if your partner loves a good riddle they’ll love one of these.

You can do it one-on-one or as a double date with some friends:

After an unusual date idea?

For fun couples who like break’n a sweat:

Adult photo scavenger hunt
Geocache Adventure Date
Adults treasure hunt

In reality, any date idea that’s more than just dinner & drinks is a great idea.
Do some art at a live painting session? Awesome.
Riding a bike to a coffee store? Style.
Getting in touch with your feminine side with a joint skin treatment? Brownie point earner for sure.
Naked skydiving? Ok, maybe that’s too far.

It’s all about having fun together while both feeling valued by the other. So, be open, communicate, make space for the other person to share, and be vulnerable yourself.

Do that, and any idea’s amazing.

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