Amanda and Elliott loving life in Melbourne

In the carpark

It was like one of those semi-weird scenes in a movie. I had known Amanda as a friend for a few years but this day was different. Mega different

The dodgy concrete surroundings were still as bland as ever. The drab grey clouds were doing their thing. We had been at a conference in bunk-style dorms with zero sleep. But this was different – I finally realised what I had missed for several years of being friends…

This chicks really cute!

Oblivious but in love

I do not know how I missed it but at that moment I decided to start stalking pursuing her

After an amazing amount of miscommunication we officially became a couple! Since everything was new we went on some pretty epic dates and eventually tied the knot! Like most couples thought we would be the different ones

You know – madly in love forever…?

Elliott & Amanda's wedding

Love is beautiful chaos

Awesome dragon!

As time went on the rose coloured glasses came off and we just became friends again. But I wanted to be more than friends. More than fine

I wanted us to be that hero couple who championed each other all our days! I wanted… a lot of things. But what I needed was a strategy. Something that might actually work

I needed to start Fighting for Amanda again

Bring back date night

For me this mean starting to date Amanda again. It was nothing huge but I found that even minor attempts to connect made me feel more in love!

After a while I started to put some more effort in (well more effort than reserving a restaurant 5 minutes before she comes home from work). Doing this made an even bigger difference

Slowly but surly the boredom began to die

We loving bike riding together!

Long live Adventure

After doing a lot more adventurous stuff one of the major challenges was actually thinking of new activities to do together. Even harder still is new dates that are cheap to do on a regular basis!

Realising that I’m not the only guy to hit this wall I started Date Night Wingman as a place where men could explore and share the most creative date ideas on the planet!

You just run out of date night ideas to do together!

What we’re into

Us at Hobbiton (New Zealand)

I love hiking. Amanda loves shopping. We both love cycling! (the ‘ride to get a coffee’ style… not the hardcore variant!)

For part of our backstory we lived 4.5 hours apart from each other so I have mega empathy of anyone in a relationship that is long distance – it’s tough! In the end I moved to Amanda’s town as she was running a Skin Centre there. Also where I lived was covered in clouds for 9 months of the year… tough choice

However our story ends we’re doing it together!

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