Steve Pare from Spouse Dates

spouse Dates

Steve and Chrissy do a bunch of interviews with other couples on life and being together! Also the author of Build a Better Marriage: One Date at a Time

Cassie and Ryan from True Agape

True Agape

Cassie and Ryan met at a road run. They then got married on a road run. Now they do road runs together and write a couples site with some good date ideas!

Datelicious site


KP & Tatiana have a good mix of date tips and ideas aimed at men as well as a section dedicated to Funny Dates!

Budgets are Sexy

As well as long term dating I love long term financial wisdom! Here’s some down to earth gear along with some cheap date ideas.

Meet Mindful

Meet Mindful

Meet Mindful is a niche dating website for people who love the natural way of life – hiking, yoga and morning runs are the norm!

Alex from the Urban Dater

The Urban Dater

Mix of relationship advice from 1st dates to 40 years married! Check out Alex’s article to online marriage counselling!

Life by ML

Life by ML

Any date ideas list that includes ‘Play video games all night’ has to be good. Thanks Mary

Thanks for the Photos

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