Garage Drive in Cinema

Turn Netflix into a cozy drive in cinema right in your garage!

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Perfect Picnic Date

Flavour Tripping Picnic Date

The most fun legal high you will ever have together on a picnic!

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Hipster Book Coffee Table

Even if the table flops you will still have a bunch of laughs (and use a power drill on a date!)

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Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

Here’s how to wrap that present better than a cutthroat razor trims beards!

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Relive the romance

Relive the Magic

The best date nights you’ve ever had with her – but new!

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Mystery chalk chase date

Mystery chalk chase adventure

The best things in life are (almost) free so grab some spare change and make some creative magic!

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Adult photo scavenger hunt

Photo Scavenger Hunt

What better way to explore the coolest cafes, quirky shops, and fun hotspots!

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Creative Cooking Date Idea

Ready Steady Cook

Even if the food burns you can both laugh at the flour that somehow ended up in her hair…

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Geocache Adventure Date

Geocaching Adventure Date

Surprise. Adventure. Romance. The perfect cocktail for a date!

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Treasure Hunt Guide Pack

How to make the coolest treasure map *EVER*

Make her daydream a reality with this romantic treasure hunt adventure!

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