Let me guess:

Elliott and Amanda at the snow

You don’t want to stay up all night waiting for the sun to rise. You just don’t. Why?

Because it’s boring. Really boring. What you want to do with the beauty in your life is have fun. Why?

Because fun brought your together. Because fun withers the frustration. Because fun makes sex even hotter! Because fun gives you a reason to stay together!

The 12 Round Knockout Legend

If your relationship is going to last beyond 18 months you’re going to need skills. Skills like laughing as you step into that ring with boredom, taking a hit when it’s not all about you, or bouncing back from the ropes when you can’t be bothered.

The good news is you’re not alone!. It’s this challenge in my life that birthed the Date Night Wingman to bring the best ideas from the vault of man to legends like you!

Fun helps your relationship take the punches

Our Story of Adventure

I’m a guy who needs novelty like it’s a drug! This means I have to keep the fun times rolling with Amanda or our relationship is doomed. Like seriously doomed.

There was a time when Amanda and I had become a best-friend-housemate-couple (mehh…). Even though we were getting along great the mojo wasn’t there.

That’s when we started date night again! It’s a cool story that you can check out here!

I’d love to hear what made you want to keep dating!
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