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DIY Escape Room Fun

Time travel escape room

One of the best date nights at home is to do an escape room with your soulmate.

It’s kinda like a real life puzzle adventure where you solve challenges, decrypt ciphers, and generally laugh a lot. It’s not for everyone but if your partner loves a good riddle they’ll love one of these.

You can do it one-on-one or as a double date with some friends:

Meet The Date Night Wingman

Date Night Wingman - Elliott B

I hit The Wall in our relationship where we were becoming ‘best-friend-housemates’. I still loved Amanda but the spark was fading and I needed a strategy (like pronto).

Turns out dating’s actually pretty fun even with your wife. At first it was just anything I could prep in 5 mins but over time the feelings began to return I actually wanted to put more effort in.

These days we’re scoring a date night once a week every few weeks (I’m just not that hardcore). The best ideas get put up here, on Date Night Wingman, for men like you to abduct, customise, and share with your soulmate. Here’s my full story.

Awesome Adventure Dates

For fun couples who like break’n a sweat:

Adult photo scavenger hunt
Geocache Adventure Date
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